About Expat Teaching Recruitment

Expat Teaching Recruitment is a specialist recruitment agency focusing on the placement of qualified teachers and trainers with top international companies, schools and other training facilities abroad. With headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, we offer a unique focus on the recruitment and placement of highly regarded teachers and trainers looking for a new professional experience in some of the most desired locations around the globe.


With over 20 years experience working with teacher and trainer programs in the Middle East, Expat Teaching Recruitment has valuable insight into the need for high standard recruitment of qualified teachers and trainers to international companies and schools world-wide. Having the knowledge and experience from working within the industry, ETR understands the importance of building a teaching/training program around well qualified and seasoned professionals. Expat Teaching Recruitment offers a specialized, full service, focus on the screening and recruitment of teachers and trainers from Ireland, UK, USA and Canada, for placement with companies, schools, and training facilities around the globe.

For professionals considering the option of working abroad, whether for a permanent basis of just temporary stay, we encourage you to browse through our current recruitment opportunities for a position that might meet your interests. In addition, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries so we can help your decision to work abroad a little easier to make.

If you are an international company or school looking to recruit well qualified professional teachers or trainers, we encourage you to submit a Client Request Form to notify us of your interest in working with Expat Teaching Recruitment.